Trade Management

Driving Cross-Border E-Commerce is a machine-learning, cloud-based cross-border e-commerce management platform that improves the speed and accuracy for product classifications as well as landed cost calculations.

Trade Automation is Power

The platform frees up global trade professionals from spending time on manual processes. Aside from improving global trade automation, lowers expenses related to managing import duties, fees, and taxes that apply to global e-commerce.

Accurately Classify Products

Product to HS Code classification is a fundamental challenge to cross-border e-commerce. According to the 2016 Thomson Reuters and KPMG International Global Trade Management Survey, 91 percent of respondents reported having a challenge with product classification. Problems with ambiguity in product description, differing classifications among importing countries, and frequent changes in guidance were the most frequently cited product classification challenges, according to the survey. offers free and commercial (paid) product classification solutions.

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The commercial version presents the trade professional a series of questions in a wizard-based format to accurately identify the right classification for the product.

Confidently Sell and Ship Globally

Whether you're a brand selling on-line or an e-commerce solutions provider building storefronts, provides accurate import duty and tax calculations for your international customers.

A Magento Shopping Cart with API's Import Duty and Tax Totals Intuitive JSON-Based API Web Services in Shopping Cart provides the total landed cost, which include import duties, value-added tax, provincial (regional) taxes, statistical taxes, brokerage fees, port charges, carrier fees, and accessorial charges.

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