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Digital commerce has no borders. International selling is no longer optional. By the year 2022, cross-border commerce will total $627 billion.

If you are ready to expand your digital commerce business internationally, and need help with calculating international duty and taxes, or assigning HS Codes to your product catalog, you came to the right place.

Driving Cross-Border Commerce, a landed cost web service, calculates import duty and taxes for over 220 countries, and has been calculating landed cost since 2007.

Trade Automation is Power is the most accurate and easiest to integrate SaaS-based landed cost calculator in the digital commerce industry. At the heart of the platform is an intelligent harmonized code classifer and duty rate indexer that updates itself every two weeks.

Accurately Classify Products

Product to HS Code classification is a fundamental challenge to cross-border digital commerce. According to the 2017 Thomson Reuters and KPMG International Global Trade Management Survey, 91 percent of respondents reported having a challenge with product classification. Problems with ambiguity in product description, differing classifications among importing countries, and frequent changes in guidance were the most frequently cited product classification challenges, according to the survey.

The H(T)S Code Classification Decision Tree guides trade professionals through the process of accurately identifying the right classification for any product.

HTS Classification Decision Tree

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Whether you're an online seller, freight forwarder, or a digital commerce solutions provider; will provide your international customers accurate import duty and tax calculations.

A Magento Shopping Cart with API's Import Duty and Tax Totals Intuitive JSON-Based API Web Services in Shopping Cart provides the total landed cost, includes import duties, value-added tax, provincial (regional) taxes, statistical taxes, brokerage fees, port charges, carrier fees, and accessorial charges.

Click here to browse our landed cost documentation, and learn how simple it is to start providing import duty and taxes on your website.

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