How to calculate any product's import duties and taxes with the Demo Store?

Updated On2 October 2020

In this hands-on tutorial, you will be able to add any product to our Demo Store and calculate the product's import duties and taxes.

Let's get started!

For starters, the Demo Store uses Google Sheets to manage its product catalog.

1. Open the Demo Store Google Sheets

2. Find the first available row in the spreadsheet

At the time of creating this tutorial, Line 26 was the first available row.

3. Enter your product details into the Google Sheet

Below is a detailed explanation of the columns available in Demo Store Google Sheet

Google Sheet Column Column Name Explanation
A sku Your product's sku number. Any unique value is acceptable.
B parentsku Keep this column empty, unless you are creating a variant product.
C producttype Enter Simple for standalone products.
D category Enter your product's category.
E name Enter your product's name.
F description Enter your product's description.
G additionaldescription Enter your product's additional description, such as product features and dimensions.
H price Enter your product's price.
I color Enter your product's color. Examples, Blue, Black, White, Red
J size Enter your product's size. Examples, S, M, L, XL
K imageurl Enter your product's image URL.

4. Save Your Product Details

From the main menu, click on Tools -> Macros -> PublishStoreData

The PublishStoreData function will publish the product details to the Demo Store.

5. Go to the Demo Store and Search for Your Product Demo Store URL:

6. Click on the Product Image to View Product Details

6. Click on the Add to Cart Button

7. Click on the Proceed to Cart Button

8. At the Cart Page, Select the Ship From and Ship To Countries

9. Click on the Calculate Landed Cost Button

10. Import Duties and Taxes are Displayed

Thank you for reading, and hopefully performing, the steps in this hands-on import and duties calculation tutorial. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial or questions about import and duties calculation, please feel free to email us at .